What are the points to pay attention to when drying clothes?

1. Use the spin-drying function.

The clothes must be dried using the spin-drying function, so that the clothes will not appear water stains during the drying process. Spin-drying is to make the clothes free of excess water as much as possible. It is not only fast, but also clean without water stains.

2. Shake the clothes completely before drying.

Some people take their clothes out of the washing machine and dry them directly when they are crumpled. But drying the clothes in this way will only make the clothes crumpled when they are dry, so be sure to spread the clothes, flatten them, and dry them neatly.

3. Wipe the clothes hanging clean.

Sometimes the clothes are still wet and they are thrown directly on the clothes hanger. Then you find that the clothes have not been hung for a long time and there is dust on them, or there is dust on the drying rack, so your clothes will be washed for nothing. Therefore, the hangers must be wiped clean before drying the clothes.

4. Dry the dark and light colors separately.

Washing separately is for fear of dyeing each other, and drying separately is the same. We can separate the dark and light colors by drying the clothes separately to avoid staining the clothes.

5. Sun exposure.

Expose clothes to the sun, firstly, the clothes will dry very quickly, but the ultraviolet rays in the sun can have the function of sterilization, which can kill the bacteria on the clothes. So try to dry your clothes in the sun to avoid bacteria.

6. Put it away in time after drying.

Many people will not put the clothes in time after drying them, which is actually not good. After the clothes are dried, they will easily come into contact with dust in the air. If they are not put away in time, more bacteria will grow. So put your clothes away and put them away quickly.

Post time: Nov-18-2021