Clothes are always deformed? Blame you for not knowing how to dry clothes correctly!

Why do some people’s clothes fade when they are in the sun, and their clothes are not soft anymore? Don’t blame the quality of the clothes, sometimes it’s because you didn’t dry it properly!
Many times after washing clothes, they are accustomed to drying them in the opposite direction. However, if the underwear is exposed to the sun, it will be easy to stick to the clothes with dust and bacteria. Underwear and underwear are intimate clothes. Friends with sensitive skin should pay more attention to it, so remember, underwear and underwear must be Be in the sun.
On the contrary, remember that it is best to dry the outerwear backwards, and for brightly colored and dark clothes, dry them backwards. Especially in summer, the sun is very strong, and the fading of clothes will be particularly serious after the sun is exposed.
Sweaters cannot be dried directly. After the sweaters are dehydrated, the knitted threads of the sweaters are not tight. In order to prevent the sweaters from deforming, they can be put in a net bag after washing, and they can be laid flat in a ventilated place to dry. Thin sweaters are generally worn now. Compared with thick-knit sweaters, thin sweaters have tighter knitting threads and can be dried directly on the hanger. But before drying, it is best to roll a layer of towel or towel on the hanger before drying. Bath towels to prevent deformation.Here is a recommended freestanding folding clothes rack, its size is enough for you to dry the sweater flat without deforming it.

Freestanding Drying Rack
After washing, silk clothes are best placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. Because silk clothes have poor sunlight resistance, they cannot be exposed to the sun directly, otherwise the fabric will fade and the strength will be reduced. Moreover, silk clothes are more delicate, so you must master the correct method when washing them. Because alkali has a destructive effect on silk fibers, a neutral detergent powder is the first choice. Secondly, it is not advisable to vigorously stir or twist during washing, but should be gently rubbed.
The woolen clothes are protected from direct sunlight. Because the outer surface of the wool fiber is a scaly layer, the natural oleylamine film on the outside gives the wool fiber a soft luster. If exposed to the sun, the oleylamine film on the surface will be transformed due to the oxidation effect of high temperature, which will seriously affect the appearance and service life. In addition, woolen clothes, especially white woolen fabrics, tend to turn yellow after being exposed to direct sunlight, so they should be placed in a cool and ventilated place after washing to allow them to dry naturally.
After washing chemical fiber clothes, they should not be exposed to sunlight. For example, acrylic fibers tend to change color and turn yellow after exposure. However, fibers like nylon, polypropylene and man-made fibers are also prone to ageing under sunlight. Polyester and Velen will accelerate the photochemical cleavage of the fiber under the effect of sunlight, affecting the life of the fabric.
Therefore, in summary, chemical fiber clothes should be dried in a cool place. You can hang it directly on the hanger and let it dry naturally, without wrinkles, but also looks clean.
Clothing made of cotton and linen fabrics can usually be spread directly in the sun, because the strength of this type of fiber is hardly reduced or slightly reduced in the sun, but it will not be deformed. However, in order to prevent fading, it is best to turn the sun in the opposite direction.

Post time: Nov-22-2021