Do you know these tips for drying clothes?

1. Shirts. Stand up the collar after washing the shirt, so that the clothes can come into contact with the air in a large area, and the moisture will be more easily taken away. The clothes will not dry out and the collar will still be damp.

2. Towels. Don’t fold the towel in half when drying it, put it on the hanger with one long and one short, so that the moisture can dissipate more quickly and will not be blocked by the towel itself. If you have a hanger with a clip, you can clip the towel into an M shape.

3. Pants and skirts. Dry the pants and skirts into a bucket to increase the contact area with the air and speed up the drying speed.

4. Hoodie. This kind of clothing is relatively thick. After the surface of the clothing is dry, the hat and the inside of the arms are still very wet. When drying, it is best to clip the hat and sleeves and spread them out to dry. The law of drying clothes correctly is to increase the contact area between clothes and air, so that the air can circulate better, and the moisture on the wet clothes can be taken away, so that it can dry faster.

Post time: Nov-19-2021