Hot Selling Retractable Clothesline

Light And Compact Lightweight portable clothes line for your family. Now you can dry laundry indoors and outdoors. Excellent for Hotels, Patio, Balcony, Bathroom, Shower, Deck, Camping and more. Load up to 30 Lbs. Extendable up to 40 feet retractable hanging line.

Easy To Use Mount our heavy duty retracting single line in seconds. Pull rope to any length that you want using the Lock Button. Retract the line after use to save space. You wont have to drag heavy laundry ever again!

Top Quality Sturdy, durable, and rust resistant. Our Retractable Laundry Hanger is Fully Assembled and ready to use. Beautiful closed outer case made from heat and crack resistant plastic. Keep your Tetractable cloths dryer protected for Years!

Versatile Have fun drying Baby, Kids, and Adults clothes and sheets without having to pay massive electric bills. Use it while you travel. Our Retractable Clothesline is not just for you, its for your Family!

Riveda Retractable Clothesline for Indoors and Outdoors

Built from sturdy plastic and PVC, our Retractable clothesline is as strong and durable as you can wish for! Just wall mount the device in minutes and load your washed laundry on the hanging line. Whats more, you can wrap the line twice around the lock underneath to make the laundry line as strong and durable as you like!

Get your Desired Length!

Just pull the PVC clothing line out of the body and hook it at your desired length. Wrap twice around the LOCK for strength! Use in Balconies, gardens, basements!

Save Space and Clutter

Now, you can save space and clutter with our Retracting clothesline. Secure the line with the hook when in use. Retract it back into the body after use!

Nothing beats a Retractable Clothesline on a Beautiful Sunny Laundry Day

Save space, reduce electric bills, and feel the gorgeous fragrance and warmth of natural drying in the sun. You will fall in love with laundry day!

Post time: Mar-22-2022