How can jeans not fade after washing?

1. Turn the pants over and wash.
When washing jeans, remember to turn the inside of the jeans upside down and wash them, so as to effectively reduce fading. It is best not to use detergent to wash jeans. Alkaline detergent is very easy to fade jeans. In fact, just wash the jeans with clean water.

2. There is no need to soak the jeans in hot water.
Soaking the pants in hot water is likely to cause the pants to shrink. Generally speaking, the temperature of the washing jeans is controlled at about 30 degrees. It is also best not to use a washing machine to wash the jeans, because this will make the pants lose the sense of wrinkles. If you mix and wash with the original color pants, the natural whitening of the jeans will be torn and become unnatural.

3. Pour white vinegar in the water.
When you buy back and clean the jeans for the first time, you can pour an appropriate amount of white rice vinegar in the water (at the same time turn the pants over and soak for about half an hour. The locked color jeans will surely have a small amount of fading after washing, and the white rice vinegar can keep the jeans as original as possible. The gloss.

4. Turn it over to dry.
The jeans should be turned over to dry and placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Direct exposure to the sun can easily cause severe oxidation and fading of jeans.

5. Salt water soaking method.
Soak it in concentrated salt water for 30 minutes during the first cleaning, and then rinse it again with clean water. If it will fade slightly, it is recommended to soak it in salt water for 10 minutes when cleaning it. Repeat the soaking and cleaning several times, and the jeans will no longer fade. This method is very useful.

6. Partial cleaning.
If there are stains on certain parts of the jeans, it is most appropriate to clean only the dirty areas. It is not necessary to wash the entire pair of pants.

7. Reduce the use of cleaning agents.
Although some cleaners will be added to the color lock formula, but in fact, they will still fade the jeans. So you should put less detergent when cleaning jeans. The most suitable thing is to soak in some vinegar with water for 60 minutes, which can not only clean the jeans effectively, but also avoid color fading. Don’t be afraid that the vinegar will leave on the jeans. The vinegar will evaporate when it is dried and the odor will disappear.

Post time: Nov-25-2021