How to keep clothes bright as new for a long time?

In addition to mastering the correct washing method, drying and storage also need skills, the key point is “the front and back of the clothes”.
After the clothes are washed, should they be exposed to the sun or reversed?
What is the difference between the front and back of the clothes when storing them?
The underwear is drying, and the coat is drying backwards. Whether the clothes should be dried directly or reversed depends on the material, color and length of the drying time. For clothes of general material and lighter color, there is not much difference between drying in the air and drying in the opposite direction.
But if the clothes are made of silk, cashmere, wool, or cotton clothes with brighter colors, and denim clothes that are easy to fade, it is best to dry them in reverse after washing, otherwise, the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet rays will be easily damaged. The softness and color of the fabric.

After the clothes are taken off in the washing machine, they should be taken out and dried immediately, because the clothes will be easily faded and wrinkled if they are left in the dehydrator for too long. Secondly, after taking the clothes out of the dehydrator, shake them a few times to prevent wrinkles. In addition, after the shirts, blouses, sheets, etc. are dried, stretch them and pat them well to prevent wrinkles.

Chemical fiber clothes can be hung directly on the hanger after washing, and let it be naturally dehydrated and dried in the shade. In this way, it does not wrinkle, but also looks clean.

Avoid direct sunlight when drying clothes. Knows how to dry clothes, so that clothes can be worn for a long time. Especially many clothes such as elephant wool, silk, nylon, etc., tend to turn yellow after exposure to direct sunlight. Therefore, such clothes should be dried in the shade. For all white wool fabrics, dry in the shade is most suitable. Generally, it is better to choose a ventilated and shaded place for drying clothes than a sunny place.

After the sweater is washed and dehydrated, it can be placed on a net or curtain to be flattened and shaped. When it is slightly dry, hang it on a hanger and choose a cool, ventilated place to dry. In addition, before drying the fine wool, roll a towel on the hanger or in the bath to prevent deformation.
Skirts, women’s suits, etc. are very particular about shapes, and they are most suitable if they are hung on a special hanger to dry. If this kind of special hanger is not available, you can also buy some round or square small hangers. When drying, use clips to clamp along the circle around the waist, so that it will be very firm after drying.

Clothes of different textures use different drying methods. Woolen clothes can be dried in the sun after washing. Although cotton clothes can be dried in the sun after washing, they should be taken back in time. The silk fabrics should be dried in the shade after washing. Nylon is most afraid of the sun, so clothes and socks woven with nylon should be dried in the shade after washing, and not exposed to the sun for a long time.

When drying clothes, do not twist the clothes too dry, but dry them with water, and flatten the plackets, collars, sleeves, etc. of the clothes by hand, so that the clothes that are dried will not wrinkle.


Post time: Dec-09-2021