Multi-line clothesline, a good helper in life

About this item

Space saving adjustable 5 line drying rack for hanging wet or dry laundry inside or outside
Lines extend to more than 4 meters creating 21 meters of space to dry multiple loads of laundry
Our standard box for the clothesline is white box, and we use robust and reliable brown box as outer carton to keep the product save during the shipment.
Easy to use and great for indoor or outdoor use


Retractable Wall Mounted Washing Line


Retractable lines are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. These are the easiest kinds of drying racks to use and manage: they install on a wall or tree and wind up inside their own casing. That’s it!

Multi-line clothesline


Easy To Use 

Mount dryers to a flat surface, like a wall or tree, use the hardware included or specialty hardware (for your specific surface) from a local hardware store.
Then, pull out the lines and hook them across the way. All dryers have a way to tighten the lines (though there will always be a little dip it’s a clothesline).

Retractable Wall Mounted Washing Line



Perfect for hanging clothes to dry, airing out bedding, linens, wall hangings, and drapery. Even great for an impromptu movie night with the projector.
We’ve even heard stories of the 40-foot single lines being used as dog leads.


Post time: Jan-14-2022